Lawhorne Design was established in May of 2007 by Tony Lawhorne to fill a void he felt existed for the small business owner, that of website design and marketing materials that could be acquired without the need of a huge marketing budget.

In this day of electronic media, businesses HAVE to have some sort of web presence in order to effectively reach their markets. Unfortunately, most marketing firms and web design companies feel the only way to accomplish this is with expensive marketing materials and a website that that costs in the thousands (and sometimes tens of thousands) of dollars. This is not always the case.

Lawhorne Design strives to help small (and even large) businesses connect with their clients, electronically with websites and social meida as well as visually with print marketing, outdoor advertising & screen-printed/embroidered clothing and apparel that will fit any budget.

Tony Lawhorne has an AAS degree in I.T. and a diploma in computer hardware. He has been working with computers since the early 90s and creating websites for various individuals since the mid-90s. His art background extends to the early 80s and consisted mostly of hand-drawn pieces before entering into the digital age of electronic art and marketing materials.

Roy of Christensen Audiology


“I have worked with Tony and his company, Lawhorne Design for over 3 years. He has designed numerous projects for us and has always produced great results, even with short notice. For example, we needed banners for a tradeshow at the last minute & within days, we had 2 custom designed banners for our booth. Another time, we needed an additional website completed by the Monday after Thanksgiving weekend. Although Tony was only contacted on that Wednesday before Thanksgiving, because of his dedication to his clients, once again he came through.

I don’t know of another web design/marketing company that would be able, or willing to deliver results like that (last minute/holiday weekend). I really appreciate the dedication & personal service Tony has shown to us.”

Chris Hoffman



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