Pole - Welcome visitors to your community, spread seasonal cheer, command attention for upcoming events or spotlight achievements with pole banners. You can’t help but get noticed (and remembered) with pole banners!

    Lawhorne Design Pole Banners are digitally printed on durable materials that withstand the outdoor elements. Our state-of-the-art printing technology creates vivid full color images – including detailed photographic images. Single-sided or double-sided, all pole banners come standard with hemmed edges and 3” pole pockets.

    Mesh - Mesh banners look striking and hold up well in windy conditions. They provide an excellent advertising opportunity as well as aesthetic solutions for outdoor fences and large construction areas that need to be concealed.

    Constructed from perforated 8 oz. vinyl coated polyester material. The tiny holes in the mesh allow wind, light and sound to pass through the banner which takes the stress off the structure it is attached to, but the printed image remains clear and crisp. The mesh is lightweight, yet retains great tensile strength.

    Vinyl & Fabric - Traditional banners are a great way to make a huge impact with only a small investment. Our banners feature full color printing applied to both 13oz vinyl & 9oz fabric banners are suitable for indoor use while 16oz vinyl is perfect for outdoor use.

    Even from a distance, banners are easily seen. Full color custom graphics on a banner intensify the impact, and can’t help but get noticed and remembered. Banners are an excellent way to promote all types of events or celebrations for companies, communities and individuals.


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