Our premium search engine optimization service ensures that you reach the people you’ve always wanted to reach. Whatever your company sells, there is almost certainly a search market for it, even if you don’t sell products directly off your website. How can you tell if your business could benefit from a search engine optimization campaign?

If you go to Google and search for your primary product offering, does your company show up in the results? And, just as important, do your competitors? If a potential customer did a similar search - surefire indication of a highly qualified lead - would he or she find you? Whether you choose to combine it with our other services, such as the Lead Campaign or the Accelerator Package or use it a la carte, Lawhorne Design’s search engine optimization service will make sure that those motivated prospects find your website every time.

Search Engine Optimization Campaign Overview

Many companies make you pay more to add-on “extras” to your search engine optimization campaign that really aren’t. Lawhorne Design’s search engine optimization service always includes everything you need to get a positive return on your investment in your website. And, like all of our services our search engine optimization program comes with a guarantee that we’ll bring you optimal visibility and serious results.


Before we begin your search engine optimization campaign, we’ll meet with your team and immerse ourselves in your company and industry. We want to know everything about you so that our search engine optimization services can really deliver on your online marketing goals.


We’ll do a complete review of your current website prior to launching your search engine optimization campaign. Then, we’ll come back to you with an analysis of how well your site is performing against your competitors, so you can make sure you are getting the most out of our search engine optimization service and stay ahead of the competition. And, we’ll make certain that any potential search engine penalization issues on your website are addressed immediately.


Selecting the right keyphrases to attract targeted traffic is the most critical element of a successful search engine optimization campaign, and we’ll make sure it’s done right so you don’t have to worry. Our team will develop a list of search phrases that fit your website and your online marketing goals perfectly, then optimize your site to rank highly for them in the engines.


After we develop a comprehensive optimization plan, we’ll take care of the copywriting for you, and we’ll implement the changes, too. You, of course, have the opportunity to approve a test version of the updated site before it goes live. You’ll see results from your search engine optimization campaign much more quickly - without draining valuable internal resources.


Once we begin your search engine optimization campaign, we’ll take care of the paperwork with all the major search engines and then develop a link building plan. Link building is a critical component of any premium search engine optimization service, increasing the site’s relevance and ranking. And, as a part of our search engine optimization service, we’ll perform custom research to build links for your site that will bring in additional, highly targeted traffic.


So you know what you’re getting out of your investment in our search engine optimization service, we’ll send you monthly reports on the progress of your search engine optimization campaign. You’ll also receive quarterly reports on how your site measures up against your competitors’ sites and track any SEO tactics they might embark upon.


We routinely monitor your competitors’ websites to make sure that they are adhering to the terms of service of each of the major search engines. We will report any websites that are not in compliance to have them removed from the engines, giving you one less competitor to worry about in the online world.


Once per quarter, we’ll analyze your website and give you the opportunity to expand your search engine optimization campaign with additional keyphrases - keyphrases similar to those that are bringing you the best visitors. Regular campaign expansions also give you the opportunity to promote new business areas or address under performing business segments. We know that business can change at a rapid pace, and our search engine optimization service is designed to not only accommodate such changes but also to turn them to your advantage.

Qualified prospects are looking for you right now. We’ll make sure you reach them. For more information about our search engine optimization service, call us at 402-570-8433. or Request a free quote

Online Marketing Solutions and SEO

1. How does a company achieve good SEO for its site?

There are two components to SEO, on-page and off-page SEO. On-page SEO involves making sure your site’s pages include all the “meta” data that search engines use to successfully crawl your site and find out where to organize your site in its search results. These on-page elements include Meta Keywords, Meta Descriptions, and Sitemaps.

Off-Page SEO is how the internet views you. Search Engines know how relevant you are by how many other sites reference your site using your particular keywords. So the process of off-page SEO involves building links on the internet the point back to your site. This can be done using Press Releases, Article Writing, and Blog posts. Anyone can do this themselves but it takes a lot of manual effort to build enough links for the search engines to notice your improved relevance.

2. What are the benefits of SEO?

There are two benefits to SEO - Increased legitimacy and more traffic. When Google perceives your site to have a better ranking, then customers see your site as more authoritative and more legitimate. People think that when they search for something that Google’s ranking tells them which site to trust for these particular keywords.

The other benefit is simply more traffic, which can generate more leads or more sales. This is simply because more people can find your site if it is ranked on the first page of the Google search results.

3. How much do you think companies really know about SEO?

From our experience, very few companies are actually doing SEO and even fewer are doing SEO properly and cost-effectively. Some businesses are trying to do some SEO themselves but there is honestly not enough time for a business owner to spend on this activity, as it is very labor intensive. Other companies have tried SEO but have been turned off by huge setup fees, long term contracts, or bad SEO results. SEO has to be cost effective and bring a positive return on investment just like any other form of advertising. There are a lot of SEO service providers that are just getting into that business because their legacy business model is in decline (such as the phone book companies) but they don’t have the proper expertise to be performing SEO. Other SEO firms will pitch customers with unrealistic expectations only in order to get them to sign on to these setup fees or contracts.

4. What are the tools that improve SEO?

We use the Google Keyword Tool which lets you estimate the amount of search traffic for your target keywords and it also provides suggestions for relevant keywords you might want to try. You can find it by Googling ”Keyword Tool”. We also generate a report at the end of every month which shows your beginning and ending ranking on all your desired keywords.


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