Window Film - Enhance the beauty of your home or office with window film. You will enjoy a multitude of benefits such as increased beauty and privacy as well as reduced heat, glare and fading. It does all this while still letting sunlight in.

    Window Film is applied to the outside of the window, and can turn any flat glass surface into a masterpiece. It works great on windows, conference rooms, glass booths, doors, restaurants, grocery store freezer doors, bathrooms, mirrors, cubicles and cabinet doors to name just a few.

    Perforated Window Film - This product will draw attention to your building or vehicle with vibrant digital graphics while providing a truly distinctive feature - “one way viewing”. It allows you to see out from the inside but not in from the outside. This “one way” effect is a great solution for anyone needing privacy from behind a window while still being able to see out, or those who want a continuous image on their entire vehicle (including windows). Perforated Window Film is used a lot on transit bus windows, shopping malls, building wraps and retail windows to achieve a one way effect.

    Inflatables - Our cold air inflatables can be created in almost any shape and design. Each inflatable is constructed from vinyl-coated nylon fabrics. The inflatables require a continuous forced air supply, provided through an electric heavy-duty blower. Inflatables are secured with strong, tether strapping and internal lighting is also available. Some of the stock inflatables we offer are hot air balloon replicas, various animal designs, sports shapes, interactive designs and holiday shapes.

    Lawhorne Design offers rental, leasing (12-36 months) and service programs on our stock inflatables. We stand behind our products and offer the most comprehensive warranty in the industry, and we offer service and installation for our inflatables on a local and national basis.

    Vehicle Graphics & Window Decals - Advertise while you drive…or while you’re stuck in traffic or parked at an open house, tradeshow, convention or parking lot. Vehicle graphics take your ad on the road and advertise your company or brand to all kinds of audiences outside the market you are already pursuing.

    Window Decals can do the same on a smaller scale. Logos, websites, emails, phone numbers and more get your information to the people that need it...and those same people may be right behind you or beside you in traffic. Decals are great for personal promotion as well. School logos, sports, clubs, religious affiliations, and much more can be proudly displayed on your vehicle or home window for the world to see...or at least that portion of the world that’s behind or beside you in traffic.

    Wall Graphics & Wall Transfers - Make your walls come alive with custom wall graphics and transfers from Lawhorne Design. The process is simple and the results are stunning! Custom wall murals are the perfect way to customize homes, offices, lobbies, conference rooms, schools, spas, hotels, restaurants, hospitals or any other place your want t make a bold statement with custom graphics. Showcase your products and logo, generate school spirit, create a calming or exciting environment, highlight events or people, script a favorite quote or inspiration, or add an attractive accent to your home. Use on all four walls of a room or just on one feature wall. The possibilities are truly endless.


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